Apply for your iboga therapy

Do you want to book your own iboga session? Really? Do you really feel that way?

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You will read the information: Iboga therapy and how to prepare
  2. You fill out the questionnaire (below)
  3. We will arrange on a specific date, we will answer all questions by WhatsApp or Signal or e-mail.
  4. You will pay a registration deposit of 100 EUR (to the bank account or by card Visa or Maestro – I’ll give you payment instructions).
  5. You will prepare according to the instructions (diet at least a week in advance)
  6. You will arrive on the agreed date at the agreed place (usually Olomouc-Svatý Kopeček)
  7. You will enjoy iboga in you 🙂Take time to relax and integrate after you return home.

As a first step to learn more about you, I would like to ask you to fill out the questionnaire:

Online questionnaire on iboga therapy – first step to apply

Important instructions:

  • All the information you write here, as well as everything I learn in the session, I consider strictly confidential.
  • Please keep in mind that the more you tell me about yourself, the more effective assistance I can provide.
  • If you do not wish to answer any of the questions, you must at least write “I do not answer”.
  • Fill out the questionnaire no later than a week before the agreed date, so that I can prepare appropriately.
  • You have reserved place for your therapy after paying a deposit of 100 EUR. The rest of the payment will be in cash at the place. The deposit is irreversible, if you cancel your participation, the deposit will not be refunded. Thanks for understanding.
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