Iboga Therapy

Who is welcome to the iboga therapy?

If you know that you want to undergo an iboga ceremony with a “flood dose” in the guidance of the Czech Bwiti temple of Kumacenge, then you are welcome, if you have a really clear intention for your life’s journey, if you are willing to let something die in you and let something to transforme, and something new let born.

If you just want to “try” iboga, it’s not for you.

You should feel with your whole being that Iboga is calling you, and you feel to the core of your bones, to the smallest cell of your earthly body, that yes, you want to go for it. You need iboga. You know it. Iboga is calling you.

Location of our Iboga space

Our house is located in Olomouc-Svatý Kopeček, Czech Republic, in a short distance behind the Basilica of the Virgin Mary and within earshot of the zoo (maybe we will hear wolves or other animals). You will receive the exact address when we agree on the date of your therapy.

(Google map – approximate location)

If you have at least group of 5 people in your country and if you want that we will do ceremony in your place, contact us. We can also organize ceremony with the Cameroonian Bwiti Master which is very powerful.

How it will be happening?

We will be in a small group maximum of 5 people (4 participants + me, your guide). Maybe we can be just 2 or 3.

We will meet at the given place in the afternoon usually 4 p.m., we prepare the place, and go for a short walk in the forest.

I will guide you through the Bwiti entry ritual around a small fire, this is an important part of the whole process. You should have ready your “letter to the Universe” and your intention for the therapy (see page How to prepare). We will sing, dance and have fun.

In the forest you will receive the first small dosage of iboga. Don’t worry, it’s really small and we will be able to return.

Beginning in the forest

In the late afternoon or in the evening we go back to our house, get cozy in the bed and you get a few more doses of Iboga so you will be slowly very full dose. I play ngoma and sing for you as long as I can.

Soon you will start to feel Iboga in your whole body. You will be lying in your bed the whole time, in a safe environment. Don’t worry, I will be with you all the time, I will watch over you, take care of you, play the Bwiti harp and sing, it will give you strength, energy and support…

The iboga state can last well into the morning very strong and slowly is leaving until afternoon of the second day. In the strongest process, it is difficult to walk, strong visions (hallucinations) appear, you feel physically “different”. I’m with you all the time, if needed, I’ll help you go to the toilet, bring water, take away a full bucket…

What to take with you?

  • comfortable clothes (depending on the weather, we will be outside and inside for a while), also have a clothes to change in case you sweat,
  • basic hygiene needs – toothbrush and toothpaste and towel
    (don’t take any cosmetics, no creams, lipsticks, etc.),
  • “letter / Confession of the Universe” + intention – written on paper – see Preparation page for instructions
  • financial contribution

Financial contribution:

100 EUR is safely deposit as reservation fee, you will pay in advance

400 EUR for one iboga night (if you paid deposit, you pay in cash 300 EUR),
650 EUR for two iboga nights in one stay – possibly with one day off for rest (if you paid deposit, you pay in cash 550 EUR)
(or according to agreement – if it is too much for you and you feel that you want to undergo iboga, I believe that we will agree on an amount that is alligned with us).

May be useful

  • notebook and pen for a notes you will receive,
  • mask to cover the eyes (possibly available for rent),
  • a symbol of your “old self” that you want to leave, either burn it in a fire or bury it in the ground – for example, the last cigarette, etc.

How to prepare for iboga? Article here.

Does it appeal to you? A unique transformational experience awaits you. Apply filling out the questionnaire here. Places are limited. Contact us.