How to prepare?

How to best prepare for high dose iboga therapy?

First, read the page about iboga therapy here.

More than a week before

  • Fill out the questionnaire and ask me all the questions.
  • Pay a contribution of the retreat.
  • Plan your time off, the minimum necessary is to have at least one full day after your arrival to rest (take a vacation), if you can, allow yourself two or three days of doing nothing after your arrival from our retreat, so that you have the opportunity to process the experiences in peace.
  • Think about what hinders and limits you in life, realize what addictions you have that you want and can leave (it can be smoking, alcohol or other “drugs”, but also, for example, a tendency to overeat, a lazy or overly active style life etc.)
  • What do you want to change in your life and when? What do you want your life to look like in 5 years, in 3 years, in a year, in half a year, in a month… tomorrow, today, now? What are you therefore capable and willing to do? Why do you want to do something? How do you want it to feel?
  • What is your motivation to live, create, work… do what you do?
  • How do you feel now, how did you feel yesterday, how have you been feeling lately? Do you want to change something about it?

A week before

  • Plan your trip to be there between 3:30-4 p.m. (unless we agree otherwise).
    – by train to Olomouc main station, then by public transport bus no. 11 to the stop Svatý Kopeček, basilica and then about 5 minutes on foot. If you need me, I’ll meet you at the bus stop.
    – by car (not recommended – at your own risk) – Olomouc, Svatý Kopeček (you will receive the exact location in the instructions) – after iboga, one is very tired the next day and the visual and auditory hallucinations also subside until the afternoon, sometimes they last longer, it is not safe to drive. Or stay a day longer with me in Olomouc.
  • Prepare a “Letter to the Universe” or “Confession to the Universe” on free paper. It should be your sincere confession, formulated in the present tense and in positive formulations, it can take the form of thanks (even for that, if you don’t have it yet – the point is to empathize with your desired potential reality and experience its essence right now…) , valuing yourself, consciously asking for what you want and need.
    For example:
    “Thank you for living a joyful and comfortable life…”
    “I allow myself to have a job that fulfills me intrinsically and that provides financial security for me and my family…”
    “I believe I’m on the right path.”
    “I believe that my relationships are in harmony with myself and with other people every day…”
    You read this letter during the initiation ritual and then burn it in the fire.
  • Prepare a symbol of your transformation to burn or leave in the forest, for example the last cigarette… (if you can’t think of anything, it’s not mandatory).
  • Say (to the best of your ability) it to your family and loved ones wherever you go. It’s better to tell the truth than to lie or tell them you’re going somewhere else… Anyway, your loved ones will most likely know that something has changed when you return…

Diet 3-7 days before the due date

  • Be sure to give up: other mind-altering substances and plants – for example, ayahuasca, mushrooms, LSD, marijuana, psychedelics, etc., also rap, kratom, alcohol, all drugs, dietary supplements, cigarettes, coffee…
  • If you are addicted to something and it is difficult for you to give it up, consult it in time (whether it is drugs, cigarettes, marijuana or kratom…) with me.
  • Food: refine your diet as much as you can, definitely omit meat if you can, also omit cheese and dairy products, limit bread, sugar, salt, gluten, industrially prepared foods, limit as much as possible (ideally completely) restaurants, avoid semi-finished products and prepare food from fresh, high-quality ingredients, skip bought industrially prepared drinks (coke, lemonades, juices, etc.), drink pure water or tea, ideally unsweetened.
  • If you want and can, eat vegan at least this week, or even better raw vegan (fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts without cooking). The body will begin to get rid of many toxins beforehand, and the iboga medicine will be able to penetrate deeper. You can also fast if you can.
  • Your feelings of well-being is more important and you don’t have to go to extremes in your diet. However, at least take a clear one step towards a better diet than you normally eat.

3 days before the deadline

  • Prepare your things (see below). Do not take any unnecessary things or valuables with you.
  • Write down your intention (so you will have a letter to the Universe – longer and more detailed – see above, and a brief intention) – on a piece of paper, several specific wish points for yourself and your next life. Number these points according to priority. What is most important to you? If you have more points of intentions, it doesn’t matter, but think about what is duplicated there, or possibly how you can reformulate it, what points have in common and how you can summarize and simplify them.
  • Iboga already works several days in advance. For example, you may have a headache or various old pains start to resound, or even some new place resounds… the body is already tuning in to what’s to come. Yes, several days in advance. Observe it, if something strange is happening, contact me.

What to take with you?

  • comfortable clothes (depending on the weather, we will be outside and inside for a while), also have a clothes to change in case you sweat,
  • basic hygiene needs – toothbrush and toothpaste and towel
    (don’t take any cosmetics, no creams, lipsticks, etc.),
  • “letter / Confession of the Universe” + intention – written on paper
  • financial contribution in any amount in cash for ritual of “Okandzo”

May be useful

  • notebook and pen for a notes you will receive,
  • mask to cover the eyes (possibly available for rent),
  • a symbol of your “old self” that you want to leave, either burn it in a fire or bury it in the ground – for example, the last cigarette, etc.

Diet 1-3 days before the due date

  • I recommend raw vegan food, eat as fresh as possible, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, no salt, no sugar. No substitutes and chemical foods or drinks, no alcohol, no meat… As little as possible of bread, cheese, simply as little of all “shit” as possible. If bananas and apples are not enough for you, cook vegetable soup, rice, potatoes, vegetables…
  • Your feeling of well-being is more important and you don’t have to go to extremes in your diet. However, at least take a clear one or two steps towards a better diet than you normally have.

Diet and preparation of the last 24 hours (just for 4-days retreats)

For 8-days retreats you don’t need to do it, because we will make ready together.

  • The best is not to eat anything at all, i.e. fast for 24 hours. If it’s difficult for you not to eat, for example, have a few bananas, an apple, a tomato… or whatever you consider appropriate and what you feel like, but in your own responsibility. Drink water or unsweetened herbal teas. Remember:
  • If you eat a lot or inappropriately on the last day, you will throw up a lot more with iboga and feel a lot more nauseous than if you have an empty stomach and bowels. Keep the 24-hour fasting for your own good.
  • If it makes sense for you, do an enema in the evening or morning before departure. Maybe even repeatedly. A lot of “shit” and unnecessary deposits will already leave your body and iboga will be able to work better and more efficiently.

I look forward to meeting you ?

If you need to ask me anything, ask at any time. Contact.